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Welcome to my website!

My name is Sonja. I am a 2D Compositing & FX artist who graduated in 2022 from Okanagan College with an Associates Degree in Animation.

I am curious to learn and grow my skill set as much as I can.

I like to picture myself as a detective. I aim to solve mysteries of why people love and connect to certain stories.

I want people to connect to stories I worked on, to feel heard and seen. That’s what makes my heart soar! That is why I am a 2D animator!

I specialize in compositing and special effects. I love to work with dedicated teams, and help others when the deadline is tight. Rain effect? Shadows on characters? Retakes? Whatever it is, I’m on it!

I am currently enrolled in 2D FX Level One course given by VFX Apprentice and Toon Boom Training Course in Advance Compositing given by Benjamin Maure.

Apart from FX and Comp, I enjoy illustration, character design, game design and story development.

Originally from Croatia, I have been living in Canada for more than seven years which has given me a unique perspective on culture, people and art.

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